Friday, October 21, 2005


I was wondering how this tagging starts. Do these questions come out of anywhere in particular or from the creative depths of fellow bloggers, I wonder. Anyway, I thought I would start one on my own.

Things that touched me recently:

(1) An old couple: Was in the city today and I saw this couple at a departmental store. The lady was one of those traditional Tamil Iyengar pattis (thats Tamil for grandmother) in a nine-yard saree and diamond nose stud. She was ordering about the poor husband but her love for him was soooo obvious. On the way back to their hotel, he was leading her by hand. They looked so sweet. I dont want to grow to be too old but looking at them, I began to think that if I get married, I would want to grow old like that!

(2) A girl: The bus I took back to uni was very crowded and this girl asked me to hold her umbrella. While giving it back, she gave me a very sweet thanks. You dont get to see many genuine smiles these days.

(3) A dog: While going on the bus, I saw this cute little puppy tied to a pole. It was pulling at the rope with all its might. Made me think of my dog Ginger.

(4) Shiny stuff: I went to this mall in the city today and was just window shopping. I loved this one shop which was selling jewellery. It was brightly lit up and each piece of jewellery was looking so incredibly beautiful. It made me thank the good God that I was a girl so that I can dress up!

(5) Life: Travelling always gets me thinking and I did a bit of it on the 45-min journey back to uni. I realized that life had touched me in so many ways recently. I am surrounded with love from friends, family, my work. I realized I had a lot to be thankful for.....small joys matter!

Now, San Nakji, you are the first to be tagged! So are Arun, Adam, Ajit and Karthik, if they are okay with writing such stuff.


San Nakji said...

Hmmmm, this one will require thought... I am not sure I like to think!

Arun Kottolli said...

Pardon me - I am a bit out of touch with the world of blogging. I want to know what is tagging?

Deepa said...

tagging is where you are asked to answer some questions and pass on the qs to fellow bloggers. it lets bloggers know more about you, is a nice means of escape when you are stuck with a writer's block and gets the creative juices flowing!! you dont have to answer but it is fun if you do. :-)