Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How Did It Come To This?

After that rather negative post yesterday, I had a relatively okay day today. But then, towards evening, things started to get to me. Every once in a while, I go through this claustrophobia where people and situations get to be. Then I just need to escape from it all and spend some time with just myself. In Madikeri a walk always cheers me up, even a whiff of air (that is always fresh) from the top of my terrace at home is enough to make me feel better. While at uni, it is tough to escape people I know and I take off to Cafe Coffee Day a few kms away. I sit there with a book, drink some coffee and come back refreshed and ready to face the same old people again. That is what I did today. I come back and I check my mail to find this forward from my cousin. The pictures of starving children in Africa are horrifying.

The above picture won the Pulitzer in 1994. The photographer, Kevin Carter, killed himself soon after he took this. The vulture is waiting for the girl to die...It is horrifying. How did the world come to be like this?


ShaK said...

I had read somewhere that this image was a fake. It has been doing the rounds of the Internet for a few years now. I always wondered...what kind of ethical photographer would stand there, take a photo and win an award instead of saving the child! This, in effect, adds some validation to my earlier point that this might the work an evil genius.


Deepa Bhasthi said...

oh now thats news! i didnt know it was thought to be a fake. but then, like you said, i dont know what sort of person could take a pic like this.
one of the probs with technology is that you can manipulate pics so much..

San Nakji said...

Hi Deepa,

It's definitely real as is the suicide.

Here's a link for you,