Saturday, July 08, 2006

Living a Dream

Ok, I am in front of the computer in my office, finished my work for the morning. I sit and ponder about what I want to write about. Somehow, my assignments seem ordinary now to write about. Earlier, when I was in school and later even during college, I would look up to the journalists who came to cover events. I always thought they were this privileged class who were known to everyone and everyone would go up and introduce themselves. Now that I am living that life, it really doesn't feel like a big deal, though I do see people look up to me in awe at places I go. I know its because I am a journalist and not because I am Deepa (I haven't reached there yet!) but its nice at times.

All of that is routine to me now. So I shall not write much. I have always loved travelling and writing about it. But it has been ages since I went anywhere. So no travelogues for now. The only thing left is my social life but that I must say is non-existent. I work everyday and over the weeks, my personal life has merged with my professional one. I do not complain though, for I knew what I was getting into. The only social contact I maintain on a personal level is to talk to my friends over the phone.

Come to think of it, it is sad that as we grow up, friends no longer are as important as they once used to be. Of course, you do need that core group or that one bestest friend to survive but the others no longer get priority, which is very unfortunate. Come to think of it, all my friends are scattered all over the place. Any contact between most has been reduced to sending and getting SMSes on that all important mobile phone.

Ok, I have typed so much but I still do not have a topic to write about. I need to travel or make new friends; I wouldn't have to deal with a blogging-block then. Let me close with what is in the offing for readers in Bangalore. I am working on a series of articles about places that are part of the history of the city. The first one was about Elgin Talkies, a theatre that has been in existence from the time the Lumiere brothers brought their cinema to the country. Next is about Dewar's Bar, an old watering hole in the city that had once attained elite status among the British. Let me try and put up those articles on the blog.

Now, back to living a a journalist.


bridget jones said...

hey i cant believe it its like reading about myself . its as if im reading about what i feel as a journalsit . How long have u been in journo?

Shiv said...

You said it some point professional life and personal merge somewhere. And it is tricky business to make both look good!

Not got into travelling??
Won't u get tasks where you have to cover things in other places/states?

Deepa said...

Hello Bridget, read your blog. Keep coming back.
Shiv, we do get sent out on far off assignments. But to get to go out of the state, you need more experience than I have right now.

San Nakji said...

Once you are into the swing of things at work, other things will click into place too.

I agree about friends. Just don't have as many as I did when I was younger. It's worse when you have children!