Saturday, July 15, 2006

While I Was Waiting....

I keep talking of how much I enjoy what I do. My only complaint is the about the time I waste waiting for the programme to start, for ministers to come, for something to happen. While waiting, I do get to talk to the other reporters, the organisers and make some useful acquaintances. But there are also times when that doesn't happen either.

At such times, strange lines, verses and one-liners make their way into my notebook. Here are a chosen few.

Cool room
Good people
Light heart
A smile
That reaches not the eyes. May 19

Eyes search
Mind questions
Heart seeks
But the answer evades
As always. May 18

I need
To write
But sleep
Just does not
Zzzz...... May 24

Bathi hoda baaviyinda Neereleva Prayatna Vyarthavallave?

(A sentence in Kannada roughly meaning isn't it futile to try to draw water from a well that has dried up)

There used to be a time when I wrote poetry. What you see above is the sad remnants of that!! ;-) Now that I spend so much time commuting and at work, maybe I should start again. Hmm...something to think about......


Ashley said...

Yes! Write poems as you commute! It would be a worthy passtime, for sure...

Shiv said...

Gud to see that u r making full use of ur waitin time..
The remnants definitely show that there is lots more which you can bring it into why delay start soon !

San Nakji said...

I think these are cool! They really come from the heart. What a talent to write :)

iamyuva said...

secret is: its common just that other dont say it and few blog about it..


Deepa said...

Thanks everyone!
Remnants and ruins are what remains. I have to think of building something from that ruin Shiv.

hello Yuva. hope to see you here regularly

kk said...

Could you please let me know once you are done with your articles on
Elgin Talkies as well as Dewar's Bar - would love to skim thru them!