Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Very Random

Life and my something past 11 o'clock this Sunday night, random, bullet-ed, in no particular order:

* Life is not too bad, after all, though it is sometimes awfully over-rated.

* Brida, Paulo Coelho's latest, pop-spiritualism apart, has helped me think, an act I seemed to have forgotten.

* My mind is clear, after several days.

* "Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life", a Casablanca line. So reminded me of the things I would have regretted, of some things I shall always cherish.

* Mungaru Male is a really good film.

* At this moment, I would have loved to think of something really profound to write here. But its Sunday, I have told myself not to think of anything except of the people I love. It is not a time for words....

* The lyrics of a song from a film resound in my head. A rainy night, the song, coffee....

* Nee bandu nintaaga, nintu nee nakkaga, sothe naanaga...No other song could be more perfect.

* Several pictures that are close to my heart, my most dearest memories in frames. The most precious ones, notes to myself in my mind.

* Faith in God is the most fluctuating factor right now. I wonder why? Remnants of a pseudo-communist thought process perhaps?

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