Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When I was at Aero India 2009

When I was at Aero India 2009, I had great fun, took the heat, burnt my face, walked for several hours, was desperate for water/food/shelter/ every one hour. I was covering it for my newspaper but above all, I was there on all five days, from Feb 11-15, 2009 to have great fun. The roar of the beauties, the high of the Sukhois and the MiG and the F 18s still resounds. I flew in a Gripen simulator too and was thrilled about it.

Some shots from my little digital camera:

1. My hero, the Sukhoi Su 30 MK I, simply fell in love.

2. The equally good looking MiG

3. And some good looking men and women.

4. A giant in the sky.

5. One of the international journalists. We were all waiting around and I was, as expected bored of taking pictures of friends and the aircraft.

6. The F-18 right? Or is it the F-16?

7. Valentine's Day at the aero show. I loved this couple dressed up in red and huddling under a red umbrella oblivious to the people around them.

8. Another beauty.

9. I love the green against the blue here.

And then there were the flights and the people and the things to see and write....

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