Sunday, December 03, 2006

Journalism at Express

This is what my colleagues do when state matters, murders, gossip about people in power, scandals and exclusives get boring! This is an old picture so I am not sure whose creativity this is.
And below is an SMS one of my colleagues, Jaunet, made up and forwarded to everyone else during some boring assignment. I wont say its 100% true all the time, but this pretty much sums up what all journos everywhere do. (I know everyone will deny this now, but I, as an insider, know this statement to be true to the best of my knowledge people).
The SMS:
........Deadline pressures, special story hassles.
Loads of coffee, with occassional beers.
Dumb state politics, serious office gossip.
Crushes on CRs, criminals, crime reps n cops.
Infinitea to canteen ka tea.
Bitch about appraisals, yet swear by Express.
Walk in to work at 1 and walk out for shopping at 3.
Others call it time pass, we call it
Journalism at Express!!!


Shashi said... I know what you journos do in your free time. No wonder your editors are so mad at you that they reject good contributions from people like us. :P

Kidding. :)

Nice little hut there. Is that you in it?

Deepa said...

Ya right!!!!!!!!

no that is not me there. I am much cuter!! He He

Shashi said...

Well you both seem to have a similar adakke got confused. :D

Arun Pillai said...

Creative ;)

Deepa said...

he he! ill pass on the message!